Bank Review & Tender Service

When is the last time
you reviewed your loan?

Traditionally Finance Brokers have sought to aggressively refinance business and personal borrowings. Quite often refinancing is necessary, especially when your existing Bank relationship is not strong and the bank isn’t offering you their best deal.

However, some clients, especially where they have complex needs and would rather not refinance, use our Bank Review process to see if their existing bank can be counselled and educated as to what they need to do to “keep the business”.

We have a long track record of educating incumbent banks as to how they can re-price the relationship and to give our client the best possible “deal”. The review is done with a high degree of professionalism with a view that we are there to facilitate a discussion between the bank and the client about the banking relationship.

We are engaged to negotiate price reductions as well as improving other aspects of the relationship including structuring the debt to be more cost effective via cashflow and balance sheet management. This also includes obtaining better terms and conditions such as reduced reporting requirements and release of security.

By putting our Banking expertise in your corner, the bank will take the approach seriously. With the knowledge that they have first right to retain you as a client and that the risk of losing the business is significant if they don’t engage in the process, you can ensure the best outcome will be obtained.

If you would like to know more about how our unique Bank Review process works, call us today on 08 8104 9112, we guarantee you’ll profit from our experience.